How To Use a Renter Friendly Sliding Screen Door

There was a time in the past when sliding closet doors were popular and appeared in many homes. Maybe that is fine if you are getting those doors for your own personal use, but if you are using your home for an investment property in order to rent it out, you may have to consider the fact that your tenants may not want these doors.

It can be frustrating to remove sliding doors, but that doesn’t mean that this alteration isn’t worth making. Purchasing homes for rental investments means that you are responsible for upgrades and repairs to make your place somewhere that people will want to live.

Even though closets are often overlooked areas in a home, they aren’t the only doorway openings that can benefit from a renter-friendly magnetic sliding screen door for a modern look and for a functional, practical purpose. Here are the key things you need to know before you upgrade your rental space with magnetic sliding screen doors.

Installing Magnetic Screens

Installing sliding doors is very simple because there are no extra alterations required. First of all, you will just need to measure your door to make sure that the screen will fit. These screen doors are able to fit all types of doors that fall into the measurement realm of 38 x 82 inches or less.

The next step is to thoroughly wipe the door frame clean, then connect all the magnets that happen to be in the middle seam to close the screen door properly. After that has been taken care of, hold the screen door to the top of the door frame in order for it to sit ΒΌ inch above the floor. The reason why this is necessary is that if it hangs below the door frame, then you are creating more work for yourself because it will need to be hemmed.

Finally, use the thumbtacks that should have been provided if you are hanging the door onto wooden doors or the hook and loop tape for aluminum and metal doors. If you are having any difficulties, there should also be a video guide included as well as printed instructions.

Versatile Uses

Being that these doors can be installed in hallways, kitchens, baths, family rooms, bedrooms, and closets, you will have a multitude of use cases to justify purchasing magnetic screen doors. They are able to create a partition for privacy or establish a separate space within a bigger area without being forced to spend extra money to make structural changes.

They come with everything you need to attach them to doors made of wood, aluminum, or metal, whether they are fixed doors or sliding doors. They are strong and durable mesh screen magnetic doors that consist of heavy-duty polyester and reinforced edges; created to withstand continual usage. This makes them extremely renter-friendly because when you are renting your space out to a tenant, you don’t want to have to replace them every week.

Easy to Operate

Just imagine how great it will be to have doors that open and close by a slight gesture, as if by magic. The retractable screens for the doors have a middle seam lined with 26 magnets for walking through any doorway effortlessly. What makes this possible is the fact that they quickly open without having to use your hands with just a simple nudge, making your moments free of any hassles, especially when you have your hands full.

Keeps Nature Outside

Are you tired of not being able to get any fresh air when you are in your home because of the fear that flies and bugs will barge in if the door is left wide open? Now you can get rid of those concerns because the mesh door screen can let the breeze and beautiful outdoor views in a while, keeping the insects out.

Kid-Friendly and Pet-Friendly

If you are renting to tenants that not only have children but also have pets, have no fear because these magnetic screen doors are both kid-friendly and also pet-friendly. In order to not be problematic for children, the door handles are hard to reach for small kids, and the door locks are just complex enough to not be easy for children to deal with. Kids can simply move in and out of these doorways with nothing more than a slight touch in order to gain access.

When it comes to being perfect for pets, these magnetic screen doors are great for pets that may be getting potty trained because you can avoid the hassle of opening the door to let your dogs out over and over again. The screen door allows them to exit as they please.

Also, if you are considering keeping your mesh screen door with magnets up on your doorways for the entire length of the year, the screen door magnets are durable enough to handle heavy use.

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