What Classifies Rum as Rum?

Rum is a sweet, flavourful drink, which is different from other alcoholic beverages. It is popular, especially in countries that grow sugarcane. A spirit can be classified as rum based on its:

  • Base ingredients
  • Fermentation
  • Distillation technique
  • Alcoholic content
  • Maturity
  • Flavours

Rum styles in every country are different, but there are similarities in the main ingredients of the spirit.

The Process Of Producing Rum

Rum is the only liquor prepared with sugarcane. Earlier, distillers used to boil the sugarcane to obtain skimming and molasses for rum production. The mix of molasses and cane juice undergoes the fermentation and distillation process. Traditional rum makers use pot stills for this process.

Ageing The Rum For Better Colour And Flavour

Most distillers use wood casks for maturing the rum. But, the type of wood affects the rum colour after the maturation period. Climatic factors also help distillers determine how long they should allow the rum to age. Rums in tropical countries need shorter ageing periods. Darker rum may need at least 3 years to age. Some rum distillers choose bourbon barrels to mature the drink. However, these barrels are not reusable for other beverage production.

Classifying Rum In Different Ways

While buying rum, you will find multiple variations:

White Rum

With a transparent colour, white rum undergoes a short fermentation period. The distiller then distils the rum and keeps it in neutral containers before pouring the drink into a bottle. White rum is the basic type of rum with pina coladas as the main ingredient. The light-bodied, mild-flavoured white rum has subtle tropical notes.

Dark Rum

Ageing makes the rum darker, but other production details are almost the same. However, different factors affect the rum colour. For instance, caramel added to rum creates dark and golden tones. Additives used for rum also make the colour different. Distillers use the darkest molasses to make the rum.

During the ageing process, rum takes on the colour and zest from wood barrels. You can find complex flavour layers in some rum. Add ice to a glass of rum and have a cool drink.

Spiced Rum

If you love spicy drinks, rums infused with spices and botanicals can be the perfect choice. Some distillers add dried fruits and vanilla to the drink. There is also a blend of ginger and cinnamon in the complex flavour profile.

Other Categories Of Rum

Overproof rum is best for those who love higher alcohol content. You may add only a small amount of overproof rum to your cocktail because of its potency. Do not let overproof rum overpower your drink.

Another option for you is the premium-aged rum that has experienced an extended maturity period in oak barrels. It leads to the development of a smooth profile with vanilla and caramel notes.

A fine-aged rum is a fascinating spirit for your cocktail. You may choose dark or white rum for making your cocktail recipe. Have a taste of the Caribbean and experience how it is different from other liquors.

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