What is Sam card game and how to play it easily to win

Bai Sam always has a special attraction for players who love entertainment and want to relax. This game has been around for a long time and is increasingly popular at online bookmakers. Now, if you want to participate in the experience, you just need to use a mobile phone connected to the network to comfortably conquer. The following article of New88 today will take you to discover this attractive entertainment game.

What is Bai Sam?

Bai Sam or Sam Loc is an outstanding game with folk origins that has been loved by many people for a long time. The game uses the familiar 52-card deck of Western cards and is popular in the Northern region of our country. If you have ever participated in the experience, you will notice that it is similar to the song Tien Len. However, the game still has its own attraction that attracts bettors to participate in conquering.

The card game Sam Loc is different from Tien Len as all members receive the same cards. The rule of this genre is that the member who plays later will have the task of playing a card that is stronger than the card of the previous player. The players will continue to play in rotation like that until someone runs out of cards first and does not lose 2, they will win.

Bai Sam is a popular and popular game

Instructions on how to play Sam Loc for newbies

Bai Sam is a genre with simple rules so it is suitable for many audiences. People will quickly join the game without much difficulty to experience. Below is an overview of how to play for new players who are still curious to learn:

  • First, everyone participating in Sam Loc will be dealt a total of 10 cards.
  • Members take turns playing according to ai rules depart ment owns the smallest card in hand will have the right to attack first. From the following games, whoever wins will have the opportunity to play the first card.
  • When the first person plays, the next member will show a stronger card to block that person’s card. However, this individual needs to block cards according to the correct rules such as double blocking, four of a kindblock four precious,…
  • The game continues until no one can block another member’s card. This person has the right to continue playing his or her next cards. Whoever runs out of cards first will automatically win.

The player who runs out of cards first will win Sam Loc

Experience playing ginseng to defeat your opponents

To participate in Sam Loc and win, players need to gather a lot of experience to apply effectively. Below are some good tips shared by experts to make it easier to grasp:

Master the rules

Sam Loc players who want to achieve good results must first learn and understand the rules of the game. Because this is important in helping members avoid making unfortunate mistakes and missing out on bonus opportunities. Moreover, when you understand clearly, you will know how to proceed in the right direction, and will be more confident when experiencing it.

Use the strategy of big cards first, small cards later

In fact, there have been many people who played Sam cards effectively by using the strategy of playing big cards first and small cards later. However, members need to note that this secret should only be applied near the end of the game to change the situation. When the opponent shows a card, everyone should play the biggest card so they can’t block it and you will take the turn to play. Next, everyone will play the small card next.
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According to the sharing from the experts, the way to play Sam Loc is to play big first, small and play later to limit failure. In addition, everyone needs to pay attention to the rules of this category. In case the opponent only has 1 card in hand and you do not play the highest card, you will be punished. Therefore, remembering to apply this strategy is also considered important and brings many benefits.

Sam players should use the strategy of playing big cards first, small cards later

Do not leave the last two when playing Sam

When participating in fighting Sam Loc, everyone certainly wants to receive the 2nd piece in their hand because it brings many benefits. However, everyone needs to be very careful not to leave the last 2 when someone else runs out of cards because they will lose and have to pay the penalty. However, don’t be in a hurry to go out too early, consider and choose a wise direction.

Flexibly apply many strategies to play Sam Loc

According to sharing from members, before participating in the Sam Loc game experience, everyone needs to be flexible in using strategies. Individuals should not always be constrained in a rigid way, it will be ineffective and will easily be captured by opponents. Depending on the actual situation, everyone offers their own directions.


The information about the song Sam above NEW88 has helped readers clearly discover this popular genre of folk origin. The game is very simple and doesn’t require any thinking or headaches for everyone to try. Members who want to win just need to flexibly apply tactics to have a chance to win.

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