How to Get Daily Totals Effectively to Bring Victory

How to catch daily total numbers is interested and learned by many players. Because understanding the methods and methods in lottery prediction will be of great help to all players. The following article from Trang Chủ New88 will share all information related to players.

Find out what the general information is

The total number means that the player will choose a string of good numbers that appear in the previous day’s lottery prizes.Or to understand it more simply, it is the sum of the last two numbers appearing in the special prize. Next, the player will rely on that line to raise the best numbers and play in the following days.For example:

  • The result of the special prize on January 23, 2024 is 32541, adding up will be 4 + 1 = 5. At this point, the total will be 5.

Instructions cThe most accurate way to catch daily total numbers

Any type of betting entertainment has different playing methods. How to catch daily total numbers  Likewise, they also rely on certain methods to bring about the most accurate results. Below are some effective instructions for catching lottery totals, which have been used by experts and brought victory.

Calculated based on special prizes issued 1 week in advance

This method is said to be quite simple for everyone and membersJust use the total pairs of numbers in the special prize that came out 1 week ago. After that, count all pairs of numbers that have not yet come out and arrange those pairs to form the total score. Raise the frame and bet in the following days, the win rate is up to 95% for those who guess correctly.

However, if you are new to this subject, you should consider applying it How to catch daily total numbers  from this special prize. Because only those who have accumulated enough experience can make highly accurate judgments.

Based on prize 7 to predict

With this method, players need to collect the 7 prizes announced in the previous day’s drawing. Then take the 2 tail numbers of the results in that 7th prize and add them together. The result is the pair of numbers that the player uses to raise for the next 3 days. If you are confident that you can win big, then go all in to get x3 the bonus amount.

For example: On February 6, 2024, solving 7 gives the number pair 23. When adding, the total will be: 2+3=5. You will receive the number 5 as a total number to raise within 3 days. After that, whether to fight or not depends on the current situation.

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Based on the memory method

How to catch daily total numbers  rely on memoryThis is a method that has been around for a long time. Trusted by everyone because it is highly accurate and easy to understand. This is an objective assessment, reviewed by experts and long-time playersNew88 Trusted and successful. Below are some of the most common examples for members to easily visualize and specifically:

  • On Mondays, the numbers 23 and 43 often return.
  • Tuesday has a total of 3 and 1 or comes out.
  • Wednesday has a high possibility of 09 coming out along the line.
  • On Thursday, the sum of 2 and 6 will return with a probability of 40%.
  • Friday usually produces a pair of numbers with 4 and 5.
  • On Saturday, the numbers 41 and 14 appear. You should catch them along the line to keep them.

How to catch the daily total according to Pascal’s rule

How to catch daily total numbers  Based on Pascal’s rule is also quite popular and known to many members.To successfully implement this method, people need to perform the following process:

Start the process using the 5 special prize numbers and the 5 first prize numbers that have been drawn. Then, combine them into one wire. For example, if the special prize is 24532 and the first prize is 12423, then the value will be 2453212423. Next, add them up according to Pascal’s rule. This requires people to add up 3 adjacent numbers until there are only 2 numbers left in that row.

If the combined value of those 3 numbers is > 10, then only take it in the units place. Members use this result to raise lots and play the next day. The time to raise this bridge is within 2 days.

Some notes on how to catch the daily total

Players need to understand the notes while applying these How to catch daily total numbers  get into the game. Only then will you increase your winning percentage.

  • Member You should not choose and bet only on one total. Because the return rate for a pair of total numbers is very rare.
  • Reasonably divide betting resources to ensure stability. Don’t get too deep into the game when you fail.
  • Refer to more experiences from previous experts.
  • Regularly research and update more ways to calculate totals to be more proactive in the game.

Above are the most specific answers on  How to catch daily total numbers  compiled by New88. Hopefully anyone who participates will successfully apply the above methods.

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