How to play Chess – Learn and learn professional tricks

Chess, a traditional game full of strategy and intelligence, is not only a hobby but also an art. This game requires players to have logical thinking, reasoning ability and good observation skills. In this article from Trang Chủ Hi88, we will learn about how to play carry chess, together discover professional tips, handle difficult situations, practice and perfect basic skills to become a carry chess player. good.

Learn how to play chess

Learn how to play carry chess to explore the unique tactical world of this game, training your acumen and sophistication in each move.

History and basic rules of carry chess

Flags originate from China, and have become an indispensable part of culture and folk traditions in many Asian countries. This game is usually played on a square board and uses small pieces. The object of the game is to capture more spaces on the board than your opponent after the pieces have moved.

The basic rules of carry chess are simple: each player controls a type of piece and tries to occupy more spaces on the board than the opponent. Players can move their pieces horizontally, vertically or diagonally on the board. When a piece moves to a square containing an opponent’s piece, the opponent’s piece is reversed in color and becomes the player’s piece.

Basic tactics in playing carry chess

To be successful in carry chess, players need to apply basic strategies such as:

  • The strategy of taking over the corner of the table: By taking over the corner of the board, a player can control a large portion of the board and create a numerical advantage.
  • Create strategic holes: By placing pieces in a smart way, players can create strategic holes, effectively making it impossible for the opponent to move the pieces.
  • Keep important pieces: Always need to protect your important pieces and identify the target pieces that need to be captured from the opponent.

Learn professional tricks on how to play carry chess

Learn professional tricks on how to play carry chess to improve your tactical skills, read your opponent’s psychology and optimize your chess team, taking your chess playing experience to a new level.

Analyze game opening strategies

One of the important factors in playing chess professionally is analyzing game opening strategies. This includes determining the most optimal moves from the beginning of the game, to create an advantage in numbers and position on the board. Through practicing and analyzing sample matches, players can grasp basic movement patterns and find the most optimal way for each specific situation.

Master secondary and tertiary tactics

Secondary and tertiary strategies are typical features of professional carry chess. These strategies require players to have good reasoning ability, and carefully observe the position of pieces on the board. Mastering secondary and tertiary strategies helps players create big changes in the match and create a decisive advantage.

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How to handle difficult situations in playing carry chess

How to handle difficult situations in playing carry chess is a big key that helps you overcome challenges, learn from each move to make the right decision and maintain a tactical advantage in every game.


Detect and exploit competitors’ vulnerabilities

One of the important skills of a professional carry chess player is the ability to detect and exploit opponents’ vulnerabilities. This requires the player to have good observation ability and read the opponent’s potential paths. When discovering the opponent’s vulnerability, the player can take advantage of it to create powerful attacks or force the opponent to face difficult situations.

Handling deadlock situations

During the process of playing carry chess, a deadlock situation may occur when there is no optimal path for the pieces. The skill of handling this situation requires players to have patience and the ability to find smart ways out. Practicing and practicing deadlock situations helps players become more flexible in finding optimal solutions in difficult situations.

Practice and perfect your chess playing skills

Practicing and perfecting your chess playing skills is an important key to building certainty in tactics, practicing strategic thinking and developing acumen in making optimal decisions on the chessboard. .

Practice tactical thinking

An important part of becoming a good carry chess player is practicing tactical thinking. This includes participating in real matches, analyzing sample matches, and practicing various tactical situations. Through practice, players can improve their ability to reason and make quick decisions in each situation.

Practice observation and reflection skills

Observation and reflex skills are important factors in playing chess. Practicing this skill helps players read their opponents’ intentions, find hidden vulnerabilities, and come up with flexible responses. Through continuous practice, players can quickly improve their observation and reflex skills.

Participate in chess tournaments and events

Participating in chess tournaments and events not only gives players the opportunity to show off their abilities but is also an opportunity to learn from excellent opponents. By participating in competitions, players can be exposed to many different playing styles, developing skills and strategies.


Way play chess Not only does it require players to have the ability to reason and think tactically, but it is also an art that requires patience and discipline. Hopefully through this article, you have had an overview of how to play carry chess, as well as professional tips, skills to handle difficult situations and how to practice to become an excellent carry chess player. Wishing you interesting and successful experiences in the world of chess!

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