Unique Features of Hengli Petrochemical

Petroleum is a very important resource in the field of industrial production. There are many companies in the market dedicated to the industrial field, such as Hengli Petrochemical, which has attracted more attention. With a wide range of business scope and responsible production practices, Hengli has become an indispensable leader in the petroleum industry. Read on to learn more about what sets Hengli Petrochemical, part of the Hengli Group, apart from other companies.

Unique features of Hengli Petrochemical

  1. The synergistic effect is continuously strengthened

The integrated upstream and downstream operation style used by Hengli Petrochemical strengthens the synergistic effect over time. The brand begins at the beginning of the industrial chain and conducts ongoing in-depth research and development. It is a business that has a strategic plan for developing the complete industrial chain.

2. High level of product demand

A skilled team has been assembled by Hengli Petrochemical, mostly composed of experts in the fields of petrochemicals, polymer materials, chemical fiber engineering, textile engineering, and electrical engineering. The industry’s research and development capabilities in science and technology are comparatively remarkable, and they are highly competitive. Overall, there was a high demand for the product.

  1. Be able to adapt to a variety of fields

Hengli Petrochemical’s primary outputs, which primarily consist of chemical ingredients and products, are highly diverse. The range of applications for different items is rather broad, and they are frequently utilized in the production sector. They can be used to make paints and dyes, as well as polyester fibers and polyester containers, and other products.


Hengli Petrochemical is Hengli Group’s three major chemical fiber industrial bases. It adopts imported world-class equipment and digital intelligent spinning equipment for the whole process. At present, Hengli is the largest production base of ultra-bright fiber, polyester composite fiber, and high-quality polyester industrial fiber in China.

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