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Nowadays, most fans watch football matches not only for entertainment, but many also participate in betting activities. In particular, at major soccer tournaments, the phrase “New88 soccer odds today” is mentioned a lot. To better understand this concept and how to calculate the odds correctly, let’s find out with New88011 now!

What are today’s soccer odds?

Today’s soccer odds are the betting odds that the bookmaker sets for the teams before each match. When the match takes place, players predict the winning team and the bookmaker will provide suggested betting odds for them to choose from. This term is often used commonly in the field of soccer betting.

Usually, soccer odds at New88 will be updated about 1 week before the match takes place. This is the ideal time for bettors to explore, research and choose appropriate odds

To create attractive odds, large bookmakers will often have a team of professional staff analyzing matches and setting up odds tables. Meanwhile, small-scale bookmakers will often buy data from large sports units. However, you need to note that the more attractive the odds, the higher the risk.

The most accurate way to see today’s soccer odds

Each type of bet will have separate odds. Here’s how to see the most standard soccer betting odds:

See Asian odds

This is the most popular type of bet by bettors. The main reason is because this type of bet has a handicap difference between the highly rated team and the low rated team. Thanks to this difference, the bets become more attractive and stressful than other types of bets.

For Asian handicaps at New88, in addition to the odds offered by the house, players also need to pay attention to the handicap. This is an important deciding factor that affects the total result of the bet. The handicap in this bet is divided into many different types. Details on how to read soccer odds for Asian odds are specified as follows:

  • Equal ball odds (0): This type of bet has no difference in odds. This type of bet applies when two teams have equal strength. If the player bets correctly, the winning team will receive money. If you choose incorrectly, you will lose money. If the match ends in a draw, your bet will be refunded.
  • Odds 1/4 (0.25): If the player chooses the upper bet and that team wins, he or she will receive money. If you lose, you lose money, if the match is a draw you lose half of your bet. If you bet on the underdog, the result will be the opposite.

See European odds

This is also one of the popular types of bets favored by many players New88want to mention. On the betting board, this type of bet is often denoted as 1×2. The way to view the odds of European handicap is much simpler. You just need to choose between three odds of three bets including: home team wins (1), draw (X), and away team wins (2).

  • Door 1: This is the choice that the home team will win the match.
  • Door X: This is the option for the match result to be a draw.
  • Door 2: This is the choice of the away team to win the match.

Over – Under odds

Over/Under is one of the simple options that many players prefer. On the odds table, this type of bet is denoted as O/U, which stands for “Over” and “Under”, corresponding to “Over” and “Under”. With this type of bet, you do not need to spend much time learning how to calculate today’s soccer odds.

How to view Over/Under football odds is very simple. You only need to choose between two options, “O” or “U”, for each match. Specifically, before each match, the house will announce a number representing the Over/Under bet. This number corresponds to the number of goals that the bookmaker predicts will appear in the match. Based on this number, the player will decide to choose door “O” or “U”.
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Even and odd soccer odds

This type of bet is quite new and not very popular. Therefore, many people who are new to betting often have difficulty understanding how to read soccer odds. However, this type of bet is not too complicated so you can easily calculate and understand it from the first time.

In odd-even betting, you only need to rely on the criteria provided by the house to predict whether the result will be even or odd. For example, if the bookmaker announces an index such as the total number of goals scored in a match, the player will have to predict whether the result of this index will be even or odd.

Hopefully the above information from New88will help you better understand today’s soccer betting odds. Good luck.

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