Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier

Flowerbomb comes in three sizes: eau de toilette, parfum and travel size. These scents have a light, daytime feel and are great for everyday use. The company has gained a strong reputation among perfume fans thanks to its active social media presence. The company offers fragrances for every occasion from casual days to formal parties. The fragrance is available online and in most departmental shops. This fragrance is particularly suitable for daytime. However, it also has a strong and woody scent.

Le Labo Noir 29

Find the latest reviews of the Le Labo Noir29 floralbomb perfume on the Parfums du Roi webpage. This perfume is considered to be the best Le Labo scent, both for women and for men. The fragrance is composed from several accords that have been balanced to create a harmonious and pleasant scent. This fragrance is unisex and primarily feminine. It has a light metallic scent and a floral heart.

You can purchase Le Labo Noir 29 in several sizes. You can purchase Le Labo Noir 29 in both travel-sized and full-size bottles. Each perfume contains Fill the bottle with ease by using a funnel. For the fragrance to be created, you will need at least four to six essential oil. You can use up to three essential oils in your fragrance, or two or three of them.

Light Blue

The Light Blue floral bomb perfume dossier comes in small leather cases that look like handbags. It was designed to be affordable so that everyone can use it. The perfume is cruelty-free. It was made in Grasse France. The perfume is safe for dishwasher use and suitable for children. Dossier makes a great starting point if you like high-end perfumes. Dossier fragrances can be expensive and not for everyone.

The scent is a blend of florals and oriental notes. This makes it a refreshing choice. This perfume is appealing due to its combination of the clean scents of bergamot and osmanthus. It also contains notes reminiscent of tea. Because of its unique structure, it can be very addictive. It brightens up a room and makes it feel good. It is also cruelty free and vegan.


The original Flowerbomb is characterized by a floral, citrusy scent with notes of orange blossoms and bergamot. The base of this perfume is floral with woody orris undertones and lingers on for hours. While it has some similarities to oriental perfumes like the one above, this scent is more pungent. This is one the most well-known fragrances in the world and is available in many department shops.

The Flowerbomb fragrance is a great choice for any occasion. This is an excellent fragrance for both daily wear and special occasions. It is also available in a travel-size size and eau d’ parfum bottles. The scent recalls rose petals and is available in several colors. Its popularity can be seen in the many positive feedback it has received from perfume enthusiasts on social media.

Mulger’s Angel

Angel, Mugler’s 1992 first perfume, was the launch of Angel. Alien is the current star of the brand, but Angel was their first gourmand scent. Angel Nova is a more fruity scent inspired by Angel Nova’s gourmand fragrance. Angel, which means “hope” in French, derives its name. It is believed that hope can be found even in graveyards. Angel was created to be a sensation. It invokes emotions of hope, love, loss.

Angel emanates an aura of mystery that surrounds the wearer. It conveys a sense or otherworldliness, and a celestial manner. The scent is filled with a mysterious fragrance that ignites passion. Angel is advertised by angelic women in the media. The fragrance lives up its name. Here are some facts to know about this scent. Fragrantica offers the most current fragrance trends.

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