AEDs with Mindray intelligence: how necessary are they?

Implementing a campus emergency rescue system may increase students’ knowledge of safety and lessen unintended accidents. For example, the emergency rescue system needs AED for schools. An AED, commonly referred to as a portable defibrillator, is the medical equipment used to revive cardiac arrest patients.

During a cardiac arrest, the AED may provide electric shocks to defibrillate the heart, bringing it back to a regular rhythm and saving the patient. This post from AED supplier Mindray will discuss the use of AEDs.

Why is it so important that everyone has an effective AED?

Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, especially cardiac arrests that occur without warning. Patients with abrupt cardiac arrest may seem normal before dying, and cardiac arrests typically occur outside hospitals.

Vital organs, including the brain, are deprived of blood and oxygen during cardiac arrest, resulting in irreversible cell death.

In roughly 10 minutes, the patient’s ventricular fibrillation and the heart’s capacity to provide blood to the brain will stop. However, the patient would lose their life permanently if timely life-saving treatments are not administered. Therefore, operating an automated external defibrillator is far more important than waiting for medical assistance.


Because of this, Mindray’s AED is frequently utilized in public spaces other than hospitals, such as subway stations, airports, schools, shopping centers, movie theaters, stadiums, etc. It is highly portable, highly intelligent, and equipped with a robust and reliable system that enables non-medical staff to perform first aid based on audio-visual instructions.

Another benefit of having AEDs in schools is that they can first assist kids with cardiac arrest. Please visit the Mindray website for additional information. They have low power consumption and a long lifetime.

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