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With Youibot’s Autonomous Mobile Robots, Experience Seamless Automation

As a renowned AMR company, Youibot leads the way in industrial logistics and intelligent inspection solutions. Their autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) offer seamless automation, enhancing efficiency and productivity across various sectors. Explore Youibot’s exceptional products designed to transform operations in factories, warehouses, and semiconductor production environments.

Youibot L1000: The Powerhouse of Autonomous Mobile Robots

Youibot’s L1000 stands as the most powerful autonomous mobile robot in their lineup, equipped with a lifting function capable of handling a 1000kg payload. This robust AMR is designed to streamline logistics operations, effortlessly moving heavy loads and optimizing workflow in industrial settings. The L1000 enhances productivity and ensures a seamless integration into existing processes, making it an indispensable asset for any industrial automation setup.

Youibot L300: Flexibility in Narrow and Crowded Environments

The L300 from Youibot is a small and flexible AMR robot, specially designed for narrow and crowded environments. This agile robot excels in maneuvering through tight spaces, making it ideal for intralogistics automation in confined manufacturing areas. With the L300, businesses can achieve high efficiency and precision in material handling, even in the most challenging layouts.

Youibot OW-12: Specialized Mobile Operation for Semiconductor Production

Introducing the OW-12, Youibot’s mobile operation robot specifically designed for handling and loading 12 Foup PODs in semiconductor production automation. This specialized robot ensures precise and efficient handling of semiconductor wafers, facilitating smooth and reliable production processes. The OW-12 enhances the automation of semiconductor manufacturing, reducing the risk of contamination and improving overall operational efficiency.


Youibot Robotics stands at the forefront of industrial automation as a leading amrcompany, offering a suite of advanced autonomous mobile robots designed to enhance efficiency and productivity. From the L1000’s powerful lifting capabilities to the L300’s agility in confined spaces, and the OW-12’s specialized operations in semiconductor production, Youibot’s solutions redefine the boundaries of industrial logistics and intelligent inspection. As a leading amrcompany, Youibot empowers businesses to embrace the future of automation and unlock new levels of efficiency and innovation in their operations.

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