Why Tattoo Size Matters

For many reasons, it is important to measure your tattoo accurately. An incorrect tattoo size can lead to dissatisfaction with permanent ink, poor design results, and even more money.


The size of your tattoos is important for the design of your body artwork. You won’t want it to be too small if you are looking for intricate pieces. You will lose details and confuse the intricateness of the design. A medium-sized tattoo is recommended for portraits.

Small sizes are perfect for simple tattoos. Consider small letters or objects if you’re looking for something to place on your ankles, knuckles, or wrists.


A smaller tattoo will cause less pain and take less time than a larger one. Complex tattoos can take several hours and require multiple sessions. A smaller tattoo will be more comfortable for you if you have concerns about pain or time. Some people hate the idea of having to sit for hours in a chair with a tattoo artist, while others enjoy it and are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their dream design.

Smaller tattoos heal much faster than larger ones. A simple tattoo is best if you are looking to have it done in one session and then have it ready for your next beach vacation. You should allow more time for healing if you plan to get a sleeve.


The area you can place your tattoo depends on its size. Tiny tattoos make it possible to go anywhere. They can be placed on the inside of your eyes or on your lips. For large, intricate designs, you will need to cover a lot of areas, like your stomach, back, or thighs.

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