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Why is social media useful for marketing?

As you know, social media holds a lot of potentials and will help in increasing your customer base. You will see how easy it is for you to reach out to different customers that are based all over the world. Let us now look at some of its real uses to companies.


Reach The first and most important use is the reach that this platform provides to its users. You will see that it is possible for you to reach out to more people just by making your presence felt on these sites. When you add one person, you will automatically end up adding another 10. This is not possible when you advertise in the traditional way. You will hardly be able to reach a few hundred there whereas here, you can easily reach millions just by clicking a few buttons and uploading pictures of your products and services.


Your brand recognition will grow in leaps and bounds. Imagine having a small shop in a remote island and trying to reach out to the world. It will seem like a herculean task. But now, you can easily reach out and have our brand successfully recognized by millions just by setting up an account on a social media platform. It is like getting to set up free billboards on every street in the world. Your brand is sure to be recognized by millions around the world and you will see that it is possible for you to become a global image by establishing your presence on social media.


The costs of marketing can be considerably reduced when you take up online marketing. When you market in the traditional way, you end up spending a lot of money. Right from paying the advertising company to paying for the different promotional campaigns, there are many costs that will keep accumulating. You have to set up a big fund for it and only then will you be able to afford the traditional method of marketing.

However, with social media, all of that can be reduced to a bare minimum. You will see that it is possible for you to promote your products and services with a very small to no budget at all! Imagine the kind of money you can save on just by adopting social media for your marketing needs.


Through social media platforms, you can interact with many people including your customers and potential business partners. You can bring everyone under the same roof and allow them to interact with each other. You will see that it is easy for you to answer any queries that these people have towards your company, products or services and make it an interactive session. This type of a setting will go a long way in helping you establish a good connection with your customer base.


Through social media, you can easily convert people into your customers. Now say for example 500 visit your page on a daily basis. Out of those, maybe 200 are your existing customers and the rest are new people. If even half of them, meaning 150 people convert into customers then you will now have 200+150 customers for your products. That is a great number for you to work with, especially when you are just starting out. That number will only grow over time and before you know it, you will have a big audience base following you.

Last word

You can establish customer loyalty by being online. You can be in touch with the best customers and get them to be your repeat customers. Social media helps in establishing a strong customer base and also strengthen your hold over them. Remember that your current customers are extremely valuable as they are who will bring new customers and also give you consistent business. So it is extremely important for you to hold on to your loyal customers and get them to help increase your business.

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