The SUPERFIRE: A Different Emergency-Ready Gadget

Incidents such as natural disasters, power outages and of course emergencies can happen at any time. When these events happen, it can be difficult to see in the dark or to find your way around. That’s where the SUPERFIRE emergency flashlight comes in! This small, but powerful device is perfect for various emergencies in life.

Features and Specifications of the flashlight

The SUPERFIRE R3 is an emergency flashlight with weight of 320g and size of 179 * 61 * 36mm. This flashlight is designed for use in emergencies and has many features that make it an ideal choice.

  1. P90 high-power wick, 2000Lm high brightness, 280m range.
  2. Five gear dimming to meet the needs of different life scenes: press the tail button to adjust the gear, and the strong light/medium light/weak light/burst/SOS gear will cycle in sequence
  3. 4.5 hours of long duration bright light, more lasting lighting.
  4. Diversified charging, easy to use: Micro USB charging interface is provided, which can be used to charge the flashlight with chargers, power packs, computers, and other devices.
  5. Multi-functional charging bank: It can charge low-voltage electronic products such as mobile phones.
  6. With power saving program, it can last longer.
  7. Five safe use procedures: five procedures are set to prevent overcharge, over discharge, reverse connection, low voltage reminder, and low voltage shutdown lamp, making use safer.

Why You Should cooperate with SUPERFIRE

  1. 7/24 hours service: Our professional staffs are always ready for your consultancy.
  2. Reliable quality:To meet the requirement for high-quality products, we have set up a quality control center to ensure that each finished product is standardized.
  3. Competitive price: We can monitor the market and find the sweet spot in pricing, offering the most cost-effective product.
  4. Self-own factories: We self-own all our factories. This allows for flexibility in manufacturing and R&D and offers affordable products simultaneously.
  5. Timely delivery. We are a company integrating R&D, production, and sales. We have a wide range of products and sufficient supply of goods, which can be delivered as soon as possible after placing an order.

Gradually, the lighting industry has become one of China’s most important pillar industries, presenting enormous business opportunities. There are various ways to join, such as online e-commerce stores, offline regional agents, and offline store operations. We offer competitive goods and services.

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