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SUNINE LASER: Setting the Standard for Fiber Laser Marking Excellence

In the field of industrial marking, SUNINE LASER has positioned itself as a leader, especially with its cutting-edge fiber laser printing machines. The Sunine D3010C, D5010C, and D10010C models exemplify the pinnacle of efficiency and reliability in fiber laser marking technology. These machines are engineered for long-term operation stability, boasting sophisticated parts that eliminate the use of substandard components. With power-on and ready-to-use capabilities, they offer zero maintenance costs, ensuring uninterrupted productivity for their users. Additionally, their self-developed software guarantees stable performance without any faults, enhancing operational efficiency.

Born For Efficiency

SUNINE LASER’s fiber laser printing machinery is purpose-built for efficiency. With a draw line speed of up to 12000mm/s, these machines offer unmatched performance in marking applications. They support both standard and customized communication protocols, facilitated by a high-performance self-developed smart chipset capable of quickly processing vast amounts of data and complex graphics.


Featuring a smart touch screen panel, operation of SUNINE LASER’s fiber laser printing machinery is intuitive and user-friendly. Their systems are designed to support various languages, allowing for seamless integration into diverse workplace environments. The one-button marking functionality further simplifies operation, streamlining the marking process for enhanced efficiency.

Capability of Integration

The lightweight design of SUNINE LASER’s fiber laser printing machinery, coupled with high-density materials, ensures ease of integration into production lines. Their high-transmitted fused silica field lens guarantees stability, while various working distances accommodate different production environments, enhancing flexibility in integration.


SUNINE LASER’s commitment to innovation and efficiency shines through their fiber laser printing machinery. With a focus on long-term stability, operational efficiency, ease of use, and seamless integration capabilities, these machines redefine the standards of industrial marking solutions. As industries continue to evolve, SUNINE LASER remains at the forefront, providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of their clientele.


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