How Does Guy Grip Function?

Do you realize how critical it is to have the proper tools for the job? Do you realize that if you work in an industry where safety and productivity are critical, you must have the best grip possible? This article discusses what makes a good guy grip and provides some insight into the grip industry.

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What is the function of the preformed guy grip?

Wrapping the guy grip’s legs around the conductor, grounding wire, or cable by hand is how the guy grip is installed.

The two helical legs of the guy grip will wrap into an empty tube, and the prepared grip head will seal in a circle.

An anchor rod or insulators will connect the closed circle to the pole or tower.

There will be a strong grip strength when the guy grips dead end wrap on the conductor or stays wires to prevent the guy grip from slipping between the conductors.


At this point, you should be able to tell whether or not guy grips will be useful to you. Given that these guy grips are required for long-term use, you should choose a brand that provides high quality and puts you ahead of the competition. Because of our design and physical properties, Henvcon guy grips provide an economic advantage as well as a reliable product. Furthermore, if you have a long-term relationship with us, you will get great tension, conductivity, and grip at a great price.

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