Healthcare Furniture and Design Overview

If you’ve never had to order healthcare furniture before, the notion may be frightening – there’s a lot at stake when people are involved. This brief article will outline the most significant factors to consider when ordering furniture for a medical facility.

Building a Chair

Look for goods specifically for healthcare – regular commercial or domestic furniture is often unacceptable and will not withstand 24/7 use and harsh disinfectants.

Patients should use chairs with a higher weight capacity (300+) – around 20% of seats should be “bariatric” or with a weight capacity of 500-750lb. Look for a large “clear out” gap between the seat and the back of the chair. This allows waste to fall to the floor, making cleaning up spills and filth considerably easier. Chair frames should be long-lasting, cleanable, and chemical-resistant; metal will outlast wood. Consider alternative materials, such as aluminum or plastic chair frames, that resemble wood but are more sanitary.

Materials for the surface

Textiles have the power to make or destroy a project! All materials in healthcare spaces should be non-porous and wipeable, which implies no woven or fabric materials. Look for textiles resistant to cleaning agents and approved for use with the chemicals used in your business. We recommend high-quality healthcare vinyl, of which there are dozens of alternatives in every price range, style, and color.

Wood is a porous material that, although adding warmth to a place, is readily damaged and can harbor bedbugs. Laminate is a better choice for high-traffic areas since it looks like wood but is easier to clean and disinfect. Because it is seamless and chemically resistant, a solid surface has grown in popularity in healthcare settings; consider using it on high contact or high moisture surfaces such as counters.


Over the past 13 years, OEKAN Furniture has supplied a one-step solution in the Hospital and Healthcare Furniture field. OEKAN healthcare furniture offers six separate production lines that can handle practically all furniture production. If you wish to invest in healthcare furniture, please get in touch with us.

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