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As one of the prominent dental instruments manufacturers, Shenzhen Superline Technology Co.Ltd. (SLT) has been at the forefront of innovation since its establishment in 2002. With a specialization in endodontic instruments and ortho products, SLT has consistently prioritized product quality and customer satisfaction. SLT’s commitment to excellence has earned it certifications such as CE, ISO, and FDA approvals. This article explores SLT’s journey, highlighting key milestones such as the launch of NIC® for international markets and the introduction of the NIC U and NIC V series files.

Expanding Global Presence: Launch of NIC® for International Markets

In 2006, SLT made a significant move to expand its global presence by launching NIC®, a sub-brand specifically designed for international markets. This strategic decision allowed SLT to bring its high-quality dental instruments to dental professionals worldwide. With NIC®, SLT aimed to provide dentists with reliable and innovative solutions, ensuring optimal patient care and treatment outcomes.

Revolutionizing Endodontics: The NIC U Series Files

In 2014, SLT introduced the NIC U series files, marking a significant milestone in the field of endodontics. These rotary files, known for their triangular cross-section, quickly became a go-to choice for dental professionals. The NIC U series files offered enhanced efficiency and precision, enabling dentists to navigate complex root canal anatomy with ease. Their introduction revolutionized endodontic procedures, empowering dentists to deliver exceptional care to their patients.

Unmatched Performance: The NIC V Series Files

In 2015, SLT further solidified its reputation as a provider of top-quality dental instruments with the launch of the NIC V series files. These files quickly gained popularity and became one of the best sellers in SLT’s product lineup. The NIC V series files, as part of a comprehensive file system, demonstrated exceptional cutting efficiency and significantly reduced procedural errors. Dental professionals worldwide embraced the NIC V series files for their outstanding performance and reliability.


NIC Dental has been a driving force in the dental instruments industry, specializing in endodontic instruments and ortho products. Since its establishment in 2002, SLT has consistently prioritized product quality and customer satisfaction. With the launch of NIC® for international markets in 2006 and the introduction of the NIC U and NIC V series files in 2014 and 2015 respectively, SLT has continued to deliver excellence in dental instruments. Dental professionals worldwide trust SLT’s innovative solutions to enhance their practice and provide the best value products to their patients. With its commitment to quality and service, SLT remains a leading choice for dental professionals seeking reliable and high-performing dental instruments.

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