Baggage Handling Systems from Pteris Global

Baggage handling systems are a new technology adopted by several airports and airlines to help make airport operations more efficient. This article describes Pteris Global’s baggage handling solution.

What is a Baggage Handling System?

Baggage handling systems use automated machines to pick up, transport, and move baggage through the process. They are becoming more popular at airports as people’s travel needs increase. Pteris Global provides the highest quality and standard baggage handling solutions to create value for our customers. The main benefit of using an automated screening system is that it speeds up the process by automating baggage handling, making it easier and faster than manual labor.

About Pteris Global

Pteris Global Ltd. is an integrated solutions provider specializing in customized system solutions for e-commerce, express logistics, warehouse custom automation, airport logistics, and digital factories. Pteris Global aims to be the fastest system integrator in the logistics industry. It is committed to effectively reducing operational costs for our customers with a “right first time” approach to achieve a win-win situation for Pteris Global and our customers.

The Baggage Handling System is a technology that helps improve the efficiency of passenger baggage handling. It provides an automated solution for handling baggage, including baggage check-in, selection, transportation, identification, sorting, and staging. In addition, Pteris Global’s baggage handling system has many applications, such as Beijing Daxing International Airport, FedEx Philippines Clark Airport, and Pudong Eastern Airlines.


Today’s airlines are increasingly demanding their baggage handlers. Gone are when a simple conveyor belt system could take care of everything. Today’s airports need faster, more efficient systems that handle more baggage with fewer workers. Pteris Global has developed a unique baggage handling system that meets these requirements. If you want to improve your airport’s efficiency and increase profits, give Pteris Global a try.

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