What is Lot Frame? Popular Types of Frame Lots Today

What is a frame lot? What types of frame plots are commonly used today? This is a question that many people are interested in when participating in the lottery today. To better understand this issue, you can follow the following shares Bookmaker Nhacaiuytin.

What is a frame lot?

First, you need to clarify what the concept of frame plot is? Simply put, this is one or a few numbers selected to participate in lottery play on a certain day frame. This is a method of playing lottery that many players regularly apply and brings very high efficiency.

Lottery prediction is the method by which you will choose the best numbers. Follow a certain statistical method to play the lottery within a fixed period of time. However, the Player must raise the number they have chosen within a time frame of 2 to 5 days, sometimes up to 7 days.

Compared to other methods of predicting and raising lots, playing lotteries according to frames is a safe method and often brings a very large winning rate. Above is the concept of what is a frame plot? It is necessary to understand accurately to be able to come up with a reasonable way to play the lottery and win big.

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Some types of frame plots are popular today

Frame lottery is a method often used by lottery players because it helps them increase their chances of winning. Currently, there are many different types of frame lots for players to use. Let’s find out with Nhacaiuytin what is Frame Lot? Popular types of frame plots today.

The frame lot was cultured for 2 days

What is a frame lot? How to grow frame lotus for 2 days? This is a phrase that many bettors are interested in. 2-day frame lot is a method that is chosen by many people today. This method is often applied to players with small capital and do not have the courage to bet big. When using the 2-day lottery method, players can fold their money at a rate of 1/3.

For example: The first day you played 10 points for 1 lottery number but that day the number you chose did not come back. On the second day, you can bet more aggressively with 30 points for that lottery number. If after 2 days of completing the frame, that number still does not come out. Forget it and start looking for a new number. However, the starting level is 10 points/child.

To be able to use this method, players need to understand clearly what is the Frame Lot?. Accordingly, rely on the lottery results table and apply the following way:

  • Take the first and third fish in prize 3.6 as fish to raise for 2 days. For example, today’s result of prize 3.6 is 65839, then the next day the player will raise lot number 68.
  • When you start playing the lottery in a 2-day frame at the beginning of the week (Monday). Players need to review the results of previous days. Pay attention to the 5th and 6th prizes from last Sunday. The winner will combine the first numbers of these two prizes to create a pair of beautiful lots and proceed to raise.
  • Find out the numbers according to the 2-day frame according to the total prize of the previous day. Add up the sum of all the numbers in the special prize and you will have an exact number to play with.

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Frame culture for 3 days

The 3-day frame lottery is a method in which numbers are calculated based on northern lottery results in the previous 100 days. However, players can apply this method to many regions, but the North is the most popular. Apply one of the methods to predict the white lottery numbers to find out your numbers. Besides, players can also apply a number of methods to raise the 3-day frame such as: Statistics of white-handed lotteries, double-handed lotteries, raising in the form of clamping numbers, etc.

  • The 3-day lottery is often used by many players because it is easy to do. There are many different types of numbers, but players only need to pay attention to numbers that hold two 1s, two 0s, and two 8s.
  • The 3-day lottery numbers are in digital form, so players need to follow the lottery results table. If you see a day where the lottery results for 4-digit prizes are in the form of double lots, choose that pair to keep for 3 days.
  • Raising lots for 3 days in pairs of 68 lots: With this frame farming method, players need to monitor the lottery results and pay attention to the 4th prize. If you see lot 68 at the end, see immediately what the two numbers in front of it are. Use that number and raise the frame for 3 days to easily win big.

With this farming method, players need to clearly understand the first thing that is the concept of Frame Lot? Then apply the 3-day frame farming method.

The frame lot was cultured for 5 days

The method of raising a frame lot for 5 days is relatively difficult but the chance of winning is very high. Applying the 5-day frame lot farming method, you need to have a strong financial source. This way of playing gives players an extremely attractive reward but can easily cause a lot of losses. To apply the 5-day frame lot farming method effectively, players need to pay attention to the following issues.

  • The 5-day frame farming time is quite long, you need to prepare the most complete financial resources. In addition, when participating in 5-day lot farming, you need to have a clear financial division plan.
  • Follow and observe the lottery results because these numbers have a very high repeatability. From there, players need to observe to calculate and make the most accurate predictions.


So above are the shares of dealer Nhacaiuytin about what frame plots are as well as the types of frame plots commonly used today. Hopefully through this article you have clearly understood what bracket lottery is and can apply it successfully when playing lottery. Wishing you success and bringing yourself valuable prizes.

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