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Unlocking the Potential of Nucleic Acid Extraction with Magen Biotech’s SDS

Magen Biotech presents its exceptional product, Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate (SDS), as the core raw material for nucleic acid extraction. Through rigorous screening and quality control, this high-quality surfactant demonstrates remarkable efficiency in dissolving proteins. SDS disrupts non-covalent protein bonds, denaturing proteins and impairing their natural conformation and function. In the context of nucleic acid extraction, SDS plays a crucial role in cell membrane lysis, releasing valuable soluble substances from the cells. By dismantling protein-protein and protein-lipid interactions, SDS disrupts protein structure, ultimately facilitating the extraction process.

SDS’s Unique Characteristics: Precipitation and Removal of Protein

One remarkable characteristic of SDS is its precipitation at low temperatures. As the detergent with the highest critical micelle temperature, SDS exhibits a more pronounced precipitation phenomenon, particularly in the presence of potassium salt. This property proves invaluable in the removal of proteins from digestive juices. Magen Biotech’s SDS enables researchers to effectively eliminate unwanted proteins, resulting in cleaner and more refined samples for downstream applications.

Superior Quality Control: Magen Biotech’s Commitment to Excellence

When it comes to nucleic acid extraction, Magen Biotech prioritizes quality control and ensures that only the best products reach the hands of researchers. The SDS provided by Magen Biotech undergoes strict screening processes to guarantee its performance and reliability. By using Magen Biotech’s SDS, researchers can have confidence in their nucleic acid extraction procedures, knowing that they are supported by exceptional quality and efficiency.


Magen Biotech’s superior SDS product revolutionizes nucleic acid extraction, enabling researchers to unlock new possibilities in their scientific endeavors. With its potent protein-dissolving capabilities, SDS facilitates cell membrane lysis, releasing valuable soluble substances. Furthermore, SDS’s unique characteristic of precipitation proves invaluable in the removal of protein contaminants from digestive juices. Trimmed with strict quality control measures, Magen Biotech’s commitment to excellence elevates the field of nucleic acid extraction. Put your trust in Magen Biotech’s exceptional SDS and experience the efficiency and reliability it brings to your research.

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