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Unlock Endless Possibilities with the YES TECH LED Rental Display

Being able to quickly adjust and change plans is essential in the event planning industry. It can be difficult for event planners to design aesthetically pleasing spaces that can adapt to the needs of different types of audiences. Efficiently curate fascinating experiences with the help of the YES TECH LED Rental Display, a dynamic option for event planners.

Flexibility at its Finest

The YES TECH LED Rental Display series is designed with versatility in mind. With a range of pixel pitches, from 2.6mm to 5.9mm, the display can be tailored to fit the unique requirements of any event space, ensuring optimal visual performance and audience engagement.

Seamless Integration: The MG Series

Recognizing the importance of a cohesive event experience, the YES TECH LED Rental Display series features the MG Series, a collection of customizable models. From the compact MG11 (12550056mm) to the versatile MG15 and MG16, each unit is engineered to integrate effortlessly into any event setting, allowing event organizers to create a cohesive and visually stunning environment.

The Power of Rental

The YES TECH LED Rental Display offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for event organizers who require high-quality visual equipment without the long-term investment. By providing access to the latest LED technology through a rental model, the YES TECH LED Rental Display empowers event professionals to stay ahead of the curve, delivering unforgettable experiences to their audiences.


The YES TECH LED Rental Display is unique in the constantly evolving events industry, opening up a world of possibilities for planners. This revolutionary solution makes it easy to rent, has a wide range of configurable options, and allows for the development of aesthetically beautiful settings that inspire and attract people. Your next event will be the talk of the town when you use the YES TECH LED Rental Display.

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