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Unleash the Power of Bifacial and High Power Solar Cells

With a focus on innovation and performance, Elite Solar offers bifacial solar cells and high power solar cells that deliver exceptional efficiency and power output. Their meticulous attention to detail and advanced manufacturing processes ensure that their solar cells meet the highest industry standards, providing reliable and sustainable energy solutions.

Harness the Benefits of Bifacial Solar Cells

Elite Solar’s bifacial solar cells are designed to capture sunlight from both the front and rear sides, maximizing energy generation. The front side features a blue composite anti-reflection coating (Silicon dioxide + Silicon nitride) and 10 bus bars, ensuring efficient light absorption and minimal reflection. With a half-sheet design on the front side and 170 fingers, their bifacial solar cells offer enhanced performance and increased power output, making them ideal for various installations and environments.

Experience the Power of High Power Solar Cells

Elite Solar’s high power solar cells are engineered to deliver exceptional power output and efficiency. With precise dimensions of 182mm×182mm±0.25mm, Φ247mm±0.25mm and a thickness of 170±17μm, their high power solar cells are designed for optimal energy conversion. The back side features an alumina and silicon nitride composite passivation layer, along with a 1.1±0.15mm width silver anode. With 180 aluminum fingers, their high power solar cells exhibit superior performance, providing reliable and high-power solutions for solar installations.


Elite Solar offers the power of bifacial solar cells and high power solar cells to revolutionize the way you harness solar energy. heir bifacial solar cells capture sunlight from both sides, maximizing energy generation and efficiency. With a blue composite anti-reflection coating and precise design features, their bifacial solar cells deliver exceptional performance and power output. Additionally, their high power solar cells are engineered for optimal energy conversion, featuring advanced passivation layers and aluminum fingers for enhanced performance.

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