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Sunway Solar 20kW Off Grid Solar System with Lithium Ion Battery: High-Efficiency Energy Solution

The Sunway Solar 20kw solar system is an advanced energy solution designed to provide reliable and efficient power. Featuring high-performance HALF CELL MONO/POLY solar panels and a robust off-grid solar inverter, this system ensures optimal energy production and storage, making it ideal for various applications.

Advanced Solar Panel Technology

Sunway Solar’s 20kw solar system utilizes cutting-edge HALF CELL MONO/POLY solar panels, known for their superior performance and durability. The panels feature a positive power tolerance ranging from 0 to +5W, ensuring more energy production. A 100% EL double-inspection process guarantees defect-free modules. Multiple busbar (BB) options include 5BB, 6BB, 9BB, 10BB, 12BB, and MBB, enhancing efficiency. The panels are available in various sizes, including 158.75mm, 166mm, 182mm, and 210mm, with cell types such as Full Cell, Half Cut, and 3-Cut designs for versatile applications. Advanced technologies like PERC, HJT, all-black, and frameless technology options are also available. Users can choose between Sunway Solar brand or Tier 1 options, and the waterproof label on the back of the panel ensures longevity and reliability.

Efficient Off Grid Solar Inverter

The Sunway Solar 20kw solar system includes a pure sine wave inverter that is essential for maintaining a stable and efficient power supply. This inverter supports parallel operation with up to 9 units, enhancing scalability. It automatically restarts while AC power is recovering, ensuring continuous operation. The inverter features a built-in maximum power point tracking (MPPT) solar charge controller for optimal solar energy utilization. It is compatible with mains voltage or generator power, providing flexibility. The inverter also offers a selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers, and its settings can be easily configured via an LCD display.

Durable and Reliable Design

The Sunway Solar 20kw solar system is built to last, with features designed to withstand various environmental conditions. The waterproof label on the back of the solar panel enhances its durability, ensuring it can operate effectively even in challenging weather.

Cost-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

By leveraging solar energy, the Sunway Solar 20kw solar system reduces dependency on traditional energy sources, leading to significant cost savings and a lower carbon footprint. This eco-friendly system helps users contribute to a greener planet while enjoying reliable power.


In conclusion, the Sunway Solar 20kw solar system with Lithium Ion Battery is a comprehensive and efficient energy solution for those seeking reliable, high-performance solar power. With its advanced solar panels, robust inverter, and eco-friendly benefits, it is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications. Trust Sunway Solar to deliver exceptional quality and performance in every component of this 20kW solar system.

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