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Londian LD103: Advanced Single Phase Smart Electric Meter for Comprehensive Energy Management

Londian, a leader among smart energy meter suppliers, presents the LD103 single-phase smart electric meter. Designed for postpaid mode, this advanced meter offers stable and reliable measurement functions, making it a perfect choice for diverse environments including residential areas, apartments, school dormitories, government agencies, and public buildings. This article highlights the features and advantages of Londian’s LD103 meter, emphasizing its role in efficient energy management.

Basic Parameters

The Londian LD103 electricity smart meter operates within a voltage range of 100~240V, with an operating range of 0.7Un-1.3Un. It supports multiple current ranges: 5(40)A, 5(60)A, 5(80)A, and 5(100)A, catering to different electrical systems. The measurement accuracy is robust, with Class 1/Class B for active measurements and Class 2 for reactive measurements. The meter includes various communication interfaces, such as Infrared, RS485, M-Bus (optional), cellular, PLC, and 2.4G or SUB 1G wireless. Battery options include internal lithium batteries, external exchangeable batteries, and super capacitors.

Key Features

The Londian LD103 smart electric meter boasts several key features that make it a top choice among smart energy meter suppliers. It offers a safe and reliable prepayment mode and can also be configured for postpayment mode, providing flexibility and security for billing. The meter operates efficiently across a broad voltage spectrum, enhancing reliability. Advanced anti-tamper mechanisms ensure secure energy data. The LD103 supports CIU/UIU, 4G/3G/2G, PLC, RF, and other wired/wireless connections for versatile integration. Delta package firmware upgrades allow for seamless firmware updates to keep the meter up-to-date. Internal and external relay controls provide enhanced control and operational flexibility. The exchangeable battery simplifies maintenance with easy battery replacement options. The meter also adheres to DLMS conformance and IEC1107 standards for data exchange and meter communication. Additionally, its environment-friendly and humanized design ensures sustainability and user-friendly operation.


The Londian LD103 single-phase electricity smart meter excels in providing reliable, accurate, and secure energy management solutions. As a leading smart energy meter supplier, Londian ensures that the LD103 meets the highest performance and security standards, making it a top choice for a wide range of environments. Embrace advanced energy measurement with Londian’s LD103 smart electric meter, designed for precise and efficient energy management.

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