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Harness Solar Power with IEETek Single Phase Hybrid Storage Inverter

IEETek stands out among inverter manufacturers with their single-phase hybrid storage inverter. Available in 3KW, 4KW, and 5KW models, especially 4KW hybrid solar inverter, this advanced inverter empowers homeowners to achieve energy self-sufficiency.

Seamless Solar and Battery Integration

IEETek’s 4KW hybrid solar inverter allows for both off-grid and grid-tied operation. It seamlessly integrates your PV panels and batteries, ensuring you can harness solar power and achieve energy independence. Use solar energy during the day and store the excess in batteries for later use, optimizing your energy consumption.

Reliable Power Supply

The IEETek hybrid inverter acts as a backup power source with its UPS functionality. It swiftly switches over within 10 milliseconds during grid outages, providing uninterrupted power to your essential appliances. Say goodbye to inconveniences and enjoy a reliable power supply.

Advanced Technology for Efficiency

IEETek’s 4KW hybrid solar inverter is equipped with an improved dynamic MPPT algorithm, optimizing power tracking in real-time. This maximizes the efficiency of your solar system, allowing you to make the most out of your PV panels and increase energy savings.

Remote Monitoring for Control

Take control of your solar system with IEETek’s remote monitoring capabilities. Monitor and manage your inverter’s performance through a web portal or mobile app. Stay informed about energy production, battery status, and system efficiency, empowering you to make informed decisions.


IEETek’s 4KW hybrid solar inverter is a powerful solution for harnessing solar power. With its seamless integration of solar and battery, UPS functionality, advanced MPPT algorithm, and remote monitoring, it offers homeowners a reliable and efficient path to energy independence. Embrace the power of IEETek and elevate your home’s energy efficiency with ease. In the ever-evolving landscape of inverters manufacturers, IEETek stands tall, setting new standards for performance, aesthetics, and innovation.

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