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Elevate Your Filmmaking with SmallRig’s Portable COB Lights and LED Video Lights

SmallRig, a renowned brand in camera accessories, introduces a range of innovative portable COB lights and LED video lights designed to elevate your filmmaking experience. In this article, we will explore the remarkable features and advantages of SmallRig’s portable lighting solutions, empowering filmmakers to achieve professional-grade lighting setups and capture breathtaking visuals.

Lightweight and Portable LED Video Lights

SmallRig’s LED video lights are designed with portability in mind. Weighing just 650g, RC 60B COB LED Video Light provides filmmakers with a lightweight and compact lighting solution. Whether you’re shooting on location or in a confined space, SmallRig’s LED video lights offer exceptional maneuverability, allowing you to create the desired lighting setup with ease. Bid farewell to bulky lighting rigs and embrace the freedom and convenience provided by SmallRig’s portable lighting solutions.

Exceptional Lighting Performance for Stunning Visuals

SmallRig’s commitment to lighting excellence is evident in the performance of their RC 60B COB LED Video Light. The 60W adjustable light source provides precise control over the color temperature, ranging from 2700K to 6500K. This versatility allows you to create the perfect mood and atmosphere for your scenes. With an impressive illumination level of up to 11,200Lux with the standard cover, these lights deliver professional-quality lighting for a wide range of shooting scenarios. The high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 97+ and TLCI of 98+ ensure accurate color reproduction, bringing your visuals to life with vibrant and natural colors.


SmallRig’s portable COB lights and LED video lights are indispensable tools for filmmakers seeking to elevate their craft. With unmatched flexibility, lightweight design, and exceptional lighting performance, SmallRig empowers filmmakers to master the art of lighting and capture stunning visuals. Embrace the convenience and portability of SmallRig’s innovative lighting solutions and unlock your creative potential. Trust in SmallRig’s expertise and embark on a filmmaking journey filled with captivating lighting setups and extraordinary content creation. Elevate your filmmaking with SmallRig’s portable COB lights and LED video lights and let your visuals shine.

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