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APT Medical: Improving Performance with Innovative Guiding Catheters

APT Medical has built a position for itself in offering cutting-edge solutions by focusing on research and development, manufacture, and sales of electrophysiology and interventional medical equipment. APT Medical is a pioneering high-tech company in the field of interventional cardiology and provides high-performance guiding catheters.

APT Medical: Redefining Interventional Cardiology with Advanced Guiding Catheters

APT Medical provides March™ Guiding Catheter, which intended to facilitate various interventional procedures and fit daily practice. Due to its braided structure and polymer substance, the March™ guiding catheter offers superior torqueability and back-up support. Its large lumen design has a flat wire braided structure that offers a bigger lumen. Additionally, the stiff segment of the design ensures excellent torque response promotes quicker catheter positioning with less whipping, while the co-axial segments make it easier to enter devices into the coronary artery. Using cutting-edge technology, APT Medical’s guiding catheters are precisely designed to ensure optimal support, maneuverability and stability for reliable access and navigation.

Exceptional Quality Control and Thorough Assist

APT Medical sets a high industry standard through its unwavering dedication to superior quality assurance, required certifications, and extensive support services. Their research and development efforts result in innovative products that meet the highest performance standards, which is their competitive advantage. In addition, APT Medical’s customer-centric philosophy is reflected in their exhaustive support services, which provide agents and physicians with unmatched assistance throughout the intervention process.


In conclusion, APT Medical’s March™ Guiding Catheter stands out as a high-performing and beneficial product. March™ Guiding Catheter equips medical professionals with the tools they need to navigate intricate anatomy easily, and achieve the best possible operational outcomes. This cutting-edge catheter exemplifies APT Medical’s dedication to advancement and innovation in interventional cardiology.

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